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What is it?

Wrestleague is an online based youth wrestling system designed to manage an entire season of wrestling. From communication to scoring and seeding. In a nutshell it is over a decade of deveopment and refinement in one comprehensive package designed specifically for wrestling.

Way back in 2004 there was a need to have a better way. My involvment started in a wrestling league where the information was manually being recorded for 600 plus wrestlers. It was literally compiled in a giant ledger like you would see in days of old. About the only thing missing was a quill pen. I set out to help that one guy make his life easier and so it began.
Presented on this page is the umteenth version of a site that has been utilized in NJ for years by a handful of leagues. Like a tv episode, people kept telling me to send it to the world - so here we go.
After countless hours of development there are so many elements it was hard to create a summary on this page of all the functions.
Hopefully you will find that it is exactly what you are looking for!

Keith Inglin

A Typical Season

From preseason to tournament awards, your site will allow you to manage all aspects of a wrestling season.



Post league events, matches and tournaments on your events calendar; and they auto fill on the front page and team calendars. See events coming up easily.



Teams manage their own rosters, seeding weights and certification weights. Automatic updates push wrestlers forward after the first season



Match entry is easy to do with a system that is flexible and designed to make a chore into a simple process. The ease of this match entry is one of our best features.



Most of the hard work is done automatically. Seeding, tournament rosters with a bracket view and tournament pages to inform the masses on times and happenings - yes it does all that.

Good League vs Great League

"Things go so much smoother when everyone is pulling information from the same place, knows what to expect and there is a level playing field."



Full directory of delegates with contact information that you can download or print.


Bylaws & Forms

Post bylaws and forms for teams in one location where everyone has the same access to the information.


Message Boards

Inform everyone of league 'stuff' with a message right on the front page of the site. Let teams have a message board specific to them to do the same.



Broadcast emails from the site by team, individual or all delegates. Text/SMS is also possible for those days they are coaching on the mats.



Teams get a home page where information like rosters, events and results are filtered from the whole league to just that specific team.


Manage -- Your League -- Yourselves

Nothing is worse than a outdated site. CLICK.. the sound of people leaving. Manage your league site without the need to contact somebodies friend who dabbles in web sites and hope that he they can get the update finished before the season is started (or over).

Add content, change a weight class, manage your own site - how nice is that. Sorry somebodies friend - no offense intended, we are sure that you are good at what you do.. but we got this one.


Season Reset at the Touch of a Button

When it is time for a new season, no heavy lifting required. Simply reset and you will be on your way - automatically!


Delete Wrestlers Not Returning

Delete Highest Grade.

Bump Rosters By One Grade

Bump Grades To Next Year

Reset Roster Weights

Reset Roster Weights

Archive Matches, Clear Seeding and Archive Error Reports

Archive all matches so that they are still available by year. Clear the seeding and error reporting forms to ready for the new season.


Sometime before opening day

Now that the season is reset, each team can manage rosters by removing any wrestlers who are not returning and adding their new wrestlers.
This eliminates the need to start from scratch each year and life is much easier when things are simplified.


The Difference

For us wrestling is the deal..

Yes, there are great sites out there that do leagues for all types of sports, but we looked around and we confidently will tell you there are no solutions like this offering!

events sample is a product of over a decade of building and refining all the things that come along with managing a successful wrestling league.

Our secret to success is simple: Build it simple enough for people to use without a huge learning curve. Do it once or see it done and that is all it takes to do it again and again.

Based on that premise we started making and designing a league site that communicated all aspects of wrestling. Three hundred plus pages later we have a system that is not like anything else out there in the wrestling world.

Central to our system is flexiblity. Initially it took countless hours to change a weight class or a setting. Now, everything is central and changing is in the hands of the users and for the most part, automatic.

Take control of your site and make it worthwhile for users and visitors to come and be up-to-date on what really matters. Do it in a way as simple as if you were posting to a forum.

Wrestling Coaches Aren't Big Readers

One lesson we learned along the way is that wrestling coaches are great at coaching, but not big on trying to figure out tech challenging tasks. sites are designed and tested to eliminate the need for complicated instruction.

Tasks are broken out into simple chunks and on the occasion, where there isn't any way to avoid having to post instructions, they are right there in an accordion that can be hidden.

The development of the site has been tested with ease of use and many processes are streamlined to avoid complications. If there is a way to offer a choice instead of filling in a blank field, we find it is much better to offer a choice.

Simple things like filtering wrestlers to only those who could possibly compete in the weight class, showing what bouts have been input as you go, and offering you the next weight class in a logical order, make life easier and more importantly less prone to error. Like a chess game we are always looking ahead a few moves to try to counter our opponents! When your league has 860 plus wrestlers, filtering it down to a dozen makes life a lot easier.

Content Management Made Easy

If you have ever sent a text message from your phone, added a post on a forum, commented on a news article or used Microsoft Word on your computer then you are already capable of updating the site.
A simple WYSIWYG editor makes it possible for you to update the site including images and uploading files.

Features In Detail

There is an extensive list of features - better set some time aside!

  • Site sign-up for coaches, parents and wrestlers that verifies via email and doesn't require one person to know passwords, cell phone numbers or remember email addresses. They sign up themselves!
  • MyTeam Page shows results specific to your team like schedule, rosters and results
  • List events and contest on team and league calendars
  • League Message Board
  • User controlled site content
  • League teams manage their own input
    • Events
    • Wrestling Rosters
    • Match Input
    • Delegates and Contact Information
    • MyPage message board for team communication
  • Coaches Directory
  • Broadcast messages for coaches via email or SMS/Text
  • Administrators Console with control over all things league related
  • Contact us forms
  • Dynamic Pages allow page creation on the fly
  • Local Tournament Listings: Your teams can list their local tournament and not only share them with your league but other leagues using our system as well.
  • Results, results and more results. See matches to bouts and individual results from many different perspectives real-time as they are entered.
  • Tournament seeding based on a wrestlers results using a system that has been proven effective for more then a decade of bouts
  • Divisional breakouts and seeding including team win/loss counts by division or overall
  • Directions, bylaws, forms and other pages you would expect to inform league members of all things wrestling related.

Above is quite a list already, but there is more. Helpful things like certification forms and a list of the last fifty wrestlers that were entered into the system all add to the ability for everyone to see and do what it takes to make it a great season.

Many hands make light work

You can have one person manage everything there is to do here but you can also let the entire group participate. In our experience we ask the home team on the mat to manage tasks and everyone only has to do a small share of the work. It gets done efficiently and no one person is over-burdened.

The system is designed for adults with the possibility of security when needed. After seeing thousands of bouts go in, we realized that why not let a coach fix a bout even if it isn't his. If you know it was Timmy Johnson at 75lbs wrestling for South and not Tommy Johnson then go ahead and fix it. All we ask is that you let the coaches know via an email of the change. There is even a built in error reporting system that clearly shows up when your team has a bout that has been flagged with an error.

Who did what when? Most of what happened is automatically flagged with meta data on who created or updated the content and the date and time of the action. If you need to know if the snow-emergency message is old just look at the time it was updated.




Getting Started

A site that does all of the things required to run a wrestling league means that not everyone is going to find a fit on

For that reason we schedule a time to talk on the phone and go over your requirements. Even if you are just looking we will still talk to you and if you decide that this isn't for you - no big deal.

The system was designed by one person and that is who you will talk to. There are many elements that can be customized, but like other league offerings online, in order to perform updates and improve functionality, the system is just that - a system. Because some want no boundries, we also offer custom solutions at a quoted price.

While you could start from scratch if you have already created rosters or have information, we can help you to populate your site initially then let you go from there.


Pricing is simple and inclusive.

$770.00 gets you started with everything you need for one year.

After the first year there is a fee of $1.10 a day ($401.50) If you are an existing league after your first year we will make it an even 'dollar a day' for the second year if you bring us another league.

The fee includes:

  • Hosting on a commercial web host
  • One domain name (if you have one we can transfer)
  • 10 email accounts at your domain name
  • Support and guidance via email and phone if needed*
  • Ongoing development - no update fees for new features
  • Refund if not satisfied**


*The developer of this site is a union bricklayer by trade and is on the scaffold and unreachable at times. While phone is possible it may have to be scheduled as needed.

**Full refund if site is not live. 75% after first week, 50% after first month

Submit Request For A League Site

In order to get started, we need to get some contact information so we can communicate.

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